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RPG 1.06.06 The following was…

From Web Exclusives

( The following was delivered upon the occasion of Prof. George’s acceptance of the Philip Merrill Award bestowed by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. ) So tonight we celebrate ACTA and the great cause of higher education reform for which it fights. Buy why does it fight? Why do we . . . . Continue Reading »

Sweet Reason

From the January 2006 Print Edition

“Each nation that has ‘liberal’ abortion laws has rapidly become, if it was not already, a nation of murderers.” The person who spoke those words was not Operation Rescue’s Randall Terry, or the Reverend Jerry Falwell, or some fundamentalist preacher from the Ozarks. She . . . . Continue Reading »

RPG: 12.14.05 The question is…

From Web Exclusives

The question is: How do immigrants become Americans? Now, I cannot claim any expertise on questions of immigration policy. I have not explored the vast bodies of literature in sociology, political science, history, and economics devoted to questions of immigration in the United States. Nor have I . . . . Continue Reading »

Dualistic Delusions

From the February 2005 Print Edition

Disputes about metaphysical issues rarely make the newspapers. The ancient argument about the nature and identity of the human person, however, turns out to be highly relevant to issues that contemporary Americans read about, and argue about, every day. As Yale psychology professor Paul Bloom . . . . Continue Reading »