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Abortion Before Roe

From the October 1994 Print Edition

Less than two years after the citizens of Washington voted by referendum to uphold the state’s prohibition of physician-assisted suicide, a federal judge invalidated the statute as unconstitutional. In Roe v. Washington , decided on May 3, 1994, Judge Barbara Rothstein cited the Supreme Court’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Getting It Wrong

From the December 1993 Print Edition

Life’s Dominion: An Argument About Abortion, Euthanasia, and Individual Freedom by Ronald Dworkin Knopf, 273 pages, $23 “It is a major theme of this book,” Ronald Dworkin writes at the outset of Life’s Dominion , that the abortion debate “is based on a widespread . . . . Continue Reading »

Death in the Netherlands

From the January 1992 Print Edition

Regulating Death: Euthanasia and the Case of the Netherlands by Carlos Gomez, M.D., foreword by Leon R. Kass, M.D. Free Press, 172 pages, $19.95 As Carlos Gomez notes in this important book, the statute law of the Netherlands clearly prohibits euthanasia. Article 293 of the Netherlands Penal Code . . . . Continue Reading »

A Minimalist Aristotle?

From the October 1990 Print Edition

Innocence and Experience by stuart hampshire harvard university press, 195 pages, $20  Stuart Hampshire begins his new book by pointing out that “there are a thousand or more themes that might be pursued under the heading of moral and political philosophy.” In Innocence and Experience, . . . . Continue Reading »

Between Jews and Christians

From the March 1990 Print Edition

Jewish-Christian Dialogue: A Jewish Justificationby david novakoxford university press, 194 pages, $24.95 David Novak’s new book is a theologically learned and philosophically nuanced investigation of grounds for Jewish-Christian dialogue. It is written from within the resources of Jewish theology . . . . Continue Reading »