Two interesting articles in the Wall Street Journal today. One about Bobby Jindal’s path from Hinduism to Christianity to Catholic Christianity:

Mr. Jindal’s roommate at Brown University became his baptism sponsor. His parents did not attend the ceremony, which he says was “certainly disappointing.” But he persisted. Mr. Jindal participated in nearly every campus Bible study group. One morning, while Mr. Jindal prayed in Brown’s chapel, a priest who had observed the young man tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to teach a Catholic education program for youths, at a local parish. Not yet confirmed, Mr. Jindal said “I don’t think I can do that. I’m not Catholic.”

“Oh, look,” joked the priest, “since Vatican II, anything’s allowed.” So Mr. Jindal accepted.

The other about kidney donations :

Lots of well-intentioned individuals want to give something of themselves, but few take the project as far as my friend Anthony DeGiulio, a 36-year-old securities trader who yesterday donated a kidney. The really unusual thing is that he gave it to a perfect stranger.