Brian Brown, from the National Organization for Marriage , sends along the following:

At 10:00am next Wednesday, July 30th, pastors and church leaders from across California will join together with their colleagues in Florida and Arizona, forming a “Pastors Rapid Response Team” to protect marriage in three states which will see marriage amendments on the ballot this November.

The Rapid Response Team will encourage, equip and inform pastors about ways in which they can promote the marriage amendments in their own congregations. If you live in California, Florida, or Arizona (or know people in these states), please spread the word to your pastor, priest, or church leader!

The first of what will be monthly conference calls is to be simulcast (in both English and Spanish) at locations across California, Florida and Arizona. Already, more than 150 churches have volunteered to host the simulcast in California, plus 20 sites in Florida and currently 2 in Arizona. With simulcast sites across each state, the monthly simulcast events will bring together church leaders in each community, forging relationships across denominational lines, as we all work together to protect marriage.

What: Pastors Rapid Response Team Simulcast
When: Wednesday, July 30 at 10:00am PDT
Who: Pastors, priests, and other church leaders
Where: Simulcast locations throughout California, Florida, and Arizona.

Visit for the latest list of simulcast host locations, event information, schedules, and other marriage resources for church leaders.

Attendees are requested to register online for the event to ensure that sufficient materials are available at each host location. If your church would be interested in hosting an event, there is still time for that also. For more information about hosting the simulcast (either with online broadcast or via telephone hookup with Powerpoint presentation), contact Chris Clark at 619-415-5453 or

The Rapid Response Team is an important opportunity for church leaders to stand together, making sure that they are informed and equipped to effectively mobilize their congregations in support of marriage this fall. Please ask your pastor or priest to register today!