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My day job is serving as the Publisher at Concordia Publishing House in Saint Louis, Missouri. We’ve been around since 1869, serving as the publishing arm of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. One of the more interesting “benefits” of my position is that I receive, daily, let us say, “unique” publishing offers. Here is one that came through recently that I thought you might find interesting. It is a sobering glimpse into what post-Christian Europe and Asia is quickly becoming and how “spirituality” is being defined.

Dear Publisher Rev. McCain:

Our company is in possession of a new unique knowledge in the entire world - *“IISSIIDIOLOGY” – THE NEWEST SPIRITUAL AND COSMOLOGICAL CONCEPTS ABOUT THE UNIVERSE AND HUMAN BEING,* which is based on information derived by spiritual-intuitive methods (so-called */_CHANNELLING_/*) and delivered in Russian language. This exceptional knowledge combines */new/* spirituality with the modern natural science of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biology, Microbiology, Medicine, History, Social Sciences, and Psychology etc. The specialists and students in Quantum Mechanics, String and M- Theory, General Theory of Relativity, General Field Theory, Elementary Particle Physics, Nanotechnology, Holographing, Bio Holographing, Wave Genetics, Biochemical Genetics, Wave Virology, Encephalology, Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, and many others will find this new knowledge very useful in their research. The infomation casts light on most mysteries and resolves many conflicts of today’s science such as: big bang theory, matter- antimatter and its interactions, gravity-antigravity and their interactions, space–time and their interactions, Universe and Energy, many world interpretations, ”dark” matter and “dark” energy, relict radiation, quasar and “black holes”, human genome, wave DNA structure, wave brain structure ... Until now there are 20 books (Each book 5, 5”x8, 5” consists of 520 pages approx.) which are already written in Russian and fully edited. The first nine books describe the Basics of Iissiidiology. The rest of the books are commentaries to basics. At present time the Volume X has been translated into English and is almost ready to be published. We have decided to begin the publication in the USA from Volume X of Commentaries to give the opportunity to mostly university students and scientists in different fields of knowledge to use the synthesis of the spiritual and traditional- empirical methods in their research to possibly assist them in new upcoming discoveries. *IISSIIDIOLOGY volume X. “IMMORTALITY IS ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE” (in 6 books) Book 1. “THE BASIS OF IMMORTALITY”. * It is very necessary to notice that it’s all about */_the true, real, personal immortality _/*not about “immortality of spirit” or about magic fictitious elixir which was thought up in Hollywood. The real personal immortality is built into the structure of Universe which is completely described in *“IMMORTALITY IS ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE”* and death is simply out of the question! In order to get your expression of the great value of this information and to make your own marketing, we permit and would like you to publish not more than 1000 copies of the book. In case you will find the new knowledge useful, you could join a translation process to bring this information to the market much faster than our own capability and funds allow. We inquire into opportunity to find possible mutually beneficial ways of fruitful, long term cooperation between you and our company. We have enclosed the first chapters of the proposed book for your familiarization. If you are interested in our project in any way or have any further questions or concerns, please contact us anytime. It would be our pleasure to write back to you as soon as possible.

If you are not interested at all, we apologize in advance for requesting your valuable time.

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