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Confessing one another’s sins

In a new twist on the “drag your wife out to your public confession of adultery” meme, televangelist Marcus Lamb has his wife confess his adultery for him:The confession was apparently prompted to preempt extortionists who were threatening to break the news unless Lamb coughed up $7.5 . . . . Continue Reading »

A Sampling of What Publishers Receive

My day job is serving as the Publisher at Concordia Publishing House in Saint Louis, Missouri. We’ve been around since 1869, serving as the publishing arm of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. One of the more interesting “benefits” of my position is that I receive, daily, let us say, . . . . Continue Reading »

Temple Prostitution: A Modest Proposal

Last summer, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted  to accept actively homosexual persons as members of their clergy and to condone gays and lesbians living in “lifelong, monogamous same-gender relationships.” This has caused a firestorm of controversy in that church . . . . Continue Reading »

Five Holiday Songs to Avoid

I love Christmas and the jollification that comes with it and the carols that come with the Holidays are a big part of the reason.Christmas brings out the best in many tune writers: think Handel, Wesley, and the obscure pious pastor who wrote Silent Night. Hallelujah! Clever, but aging, singers have . . . . Continue Reading »

Owls: We Have a Common Culture

When stuck for content for a slow blogging week, cultural conservatives are apt to bemoan the loss of common culture. While it wasn’t much, there did seem to be something comforting about all of America huddled about a bleary black-and-white looking at I Love Lucy. Lucy stuffing chocolate in . . . . Continue Reading »

Don’t Use Any Stick To Beat A Dog

Some people say, “I’ll use any stick to beat a dog,” but they better not mean it. A stick of dynamite, for example, would harm the one doing the beating as well as the dog.Most Evangelical Christian school history text books or homeschool materials  are written from a very . . . . Continue Reading »

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