I have a very weird Lenten practice which I’ve attempted to hold to over the last few years. I’m a reader. I’ve always read books. It is the thing I am most likely to do given more than a few minutes free time. Somehow a few years back at the start of Lent, a rhyme that brides use for their preparations for their wedding garb stuck in my head. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is the rhyme. It’s not completely inappropriate as the Church is the Bride of Christ and we are preparing for a feast. Anyhow ...

I’m going to ask a friend to lend me a book. So I’m set there. But, and isn’t there always a but?

Every year I use the same “blue book” for now as I’ve found there are facets to it I’ve barely scratched.  This book is my “blue” one, Saint Silouan, the Athonite.

So, and old book and a new book. If anyone has any suggestions, please ... that’s why blogs have com-boxes. When I mean old, I mean from the 11th century and earlier.

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