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Antidote to Fast Living

“Describing the Sabbath is like describing ice cream to somebody who has never eaten it.  You can describe it all you want, but the proof is in the big spoonful of Cherry Garcia.” Gayle Trotter:  Today I am speaking with Dr. Matthew Sleeth, author of the book 24/6: a . . . . Continue Reading »

Faith Without a Hitch

“There she is, speaking through broken English, she’s poorly educated, she’s no match for Hitchens in debate, and yet her whole life trumped every single argument he could make — all the clever arguments that he could make against God and God’s existence.”Gayle . . . . Continue Reading »

A Prince for Every Princess?

“It is possible to hold onto a desire of our heart without succumbing to bitterness or a fretful anxiety about the future, but to be content here and now.”Gayle spoke with Jennifer Marshall about the challenges of being single in the twenty-first century.  Jennifer is the director . . . . Continue Reading »

Spoon in the Blender

“I had hunted down this specialist like a crazed groupie and had really badgered his office for just about a year to convince him to come out and consult with Max and consult for us.  I thought he was really going to give me that key — that one piece of advice and help that was going . . . . Continue Reading »

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