Marc Guerra’s CHRISTIANS AS POLITICAL ANIMALS is now available from ISI Books. You can get it on amazon for $17.79. That’s right! A magnificently produced and beautifully written hardback for that low price. It’s THE pomocon treatise on theology and modern democracy. We can gratefully and loyally affirm the work of our liberal and democratic political Fathers while, as Christians, remembering that no political solution is without its flaws or reflects the whole truth about who we are. Our liberal democracy is not heaven even at its best (as some neocons might be interpreted as saying) or inching closer to a hellish wasteland (as some Porchers seem to suggest). I’ll have more to say about this wonderful book soon.

Shameless self-promotion add-on: My MODERN AND AMERICAN DIGNITY, also by ISI books and also $17.79 on amazon, is available for “pre-order.”

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