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Misrepresentation is an apologists greatest ally.

At the core of Christian Zionism is not the destruction of Jews and Israel. What is at the heart is the literal redemption of a great number of Jews though a conversion to Christ in the last times. It is an eschatological expectation. It is not a mere apocalyptic event.

Blossoming out of dispensational theology, the movement gained momentum in the late 40s and early 50s. This new momentum came about not simply because of the 1948 founding of Israel and the growth of dispensationalism. It was just before this time that the first Dispensational systematic theology was published. This 10-year effort of Lewis Sperry Chafer was completed in 1947. The events melded together into a watershed moment for the dispensationalist theological movement.

The injustice that is done theologically to the pro-Jew, pro-Israel movement in dispensational theology does nothing but enhance the power of the enemies of Israel and all Jews. It provides them with momentum and support in their efforts, both in their justification and in their propaganda. (It is material like that of Bruce Wilson which serves as this propaganda.)

Bruce Wilson could not have gone much further in promoting the death of Israel and Jews. His is a vulgar racism disguised as secularism. It is what the murderous Left does oh, so well.

In his criticism of Glenn Beck he does what so many do — he does not provide enough information for the reader/watcher to make an informed decision. What does Beck mean by “the Jews”? Does he mean those particular leaders who plotted to have Christ put to death? (Paul uses the term in a similar fashion in Romans.) Does he mean all Jews are Jesus killers as some covenant theologians (one of the non-dispensational segments of Christian theology) might proclaim. The fact is, given the short clip that he provides, we just have no way to know.

His argument is built on the premise that Christian Zionism is by its nature anti-Jew:

While the Anti-Defamation League has not been especially vigorous recently in opposing virulently anti-Semitic claims from Christian Zionists such as John Hagee, the ADL nonetheless can be considered an authoritative source concerning what anti-Semitism is. The ADL identifies Glenn Beck’s claim that “the Jews” killed Jesus as one of the top four most destructive of anti-Semitic lies.

But this leaves us with a simple question: Who killed Jesus? It’s the question that Wilson will not answer. That’s really not too hard. He was set up for trial and condemnation by a group of Jewish leaders with support from and execution by Rome. The condemned was ordered by one group and merely executed by the other.

Yes, it was Jews. It was not all Jews. There is no room for stereotyping or over-generalization. Those behaviors are destructive. Likewise there is no room for the same regarding dispensational theology. This is what so many Leftists do so well, and Clarkson’s TalktoAction serves as a prime example of people who would rather rant than investigate the whole scope of the situation.

(Oh, and btw. If Beck really did make a statement that is actually equivalent to the Jesus-killer accusation of some, I will be among the first in line to denounce such remarks. But I will await real evidence, not the rantings of insufficient evidence for socio-political points.)

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