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With Sirius XM radio you can hear the darndest things on a four hour drive from Dallas to Houston, like the same live Obama speech told both in Ohio and later at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

After telling the same jokes—including a shout out from Bo the First Dog—the President goes into a routine about how he and his family never wished to be rich. Rather, they only wanted the same thing that the hard working Americans in the audience wanted for themselves. Apparently there was an age old social contract whereby those who worked hard and played by the rules would be rewarded with economic and medical security. Unfortunately, over the last decade, two wars and a profligate prior president, led to tax cuts for the rich which has led us to the situation of 8.2% unemployment. The President, who came from a background that never wanted such prestige and power as he currently possesses, will be there to continue the fight against the enemies from the past who wish to take America to the failed “theories” of the past. If those enemies happen to be Americans too, well then that’s just a wash.

Don’t worry, the President is fighting against a “theory,” but he has a better “theory.” His “theory” is all about the home, school, and health loans that apparently made him what he is today. However, the fact that he is President of the United States is just an accident. If the past policies made him President, then it is only a lacunae in the general problems of the American system that can be fixed through good social legislation.

After all, President Obama’s family was just like yours, not wishing to be rich (not that there is anything wrong with that), but only wishing to play by the rules. If the President happens to be President, then that is just a tribute to the justice of America—but the justice of America is still inadequate until YOU too have the same opportunities as him.

And apparently there are enemies. According to the President he is fighting for a movement that doesn’t work from the top down, but from the “middle class” up (sorry lower class!). President Obama understands the presidency as an office of war against enemies of this middle class, of which he generously includes himself. He needs to be re-elected to continue this fight.

The rest of the President’s speech told us about the Golden Gate Bridge, the moon landing, and the internet. According to the President, America is a place where anything can happen, and his “theory” will make it happen. He just needs more time for his “theory” to become actual.

We would be stupid not to follow him.

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