Rapper 50 Cent recently took to Twitter to outline a four-step plan for sexual purity. We hear enough, mostly true, about the crassness of today’s pop-music that it’s worth highlighting when one of its stars speaks out for virtue (whatever else he has said against it elsewhere):

[ <a href=”http://storify.com/matthewschmitz/50-cent-s-four-step-guide-to-sexual-purity” target=”_blank”> View the story “50 Cent’s Four-Step Guide to Sexual Purity” on Storify </a> ]

These suggestions should help, but the root of the problem (which 50 Cent can be forgiven for not getting at) is sloth, what Reinhard Hütter described as “the very forgoing of friendship with God,” in his recent article “Pornography and Acedia.”

In that piece, Hütter offers his own even bolder suggestions, including the discipline of prayer, counseling or therapy where appropriate, and enrollment in the Angelic Warfare Confraternity.

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