From the  Columbus Dispatch :

For all 18 years of her life, Megan Ryan has given to others.

Last night, her peers at Bishop Hartley High School returned some of the love. Ryan, who has Down syndrome, was crowned the 2012 homecoming queen during a ceremony at the Roman Catholic school on the East Side.

Her fellow seniors chose their outgoing, ever-smiling classmate from among 10 nominees (with Jacob Smith selected king ).

“I’m so thrilled for her,” said senior Sam Burgess, a member of the court. “She just has a great personality. She’s like a sister to me.”

The Hartley homecoming tradition includes nominee introductions, each girl escorted onstage by a guy. Ryan, escorted by Anthony Allwein, drew the biggest ovation.

Still, hearing that she had won took her by surprise.

“I was in shock,” Ryan said later. “I was super-excited, definitely.”

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