Here’s depressing but not-to-be-missed editorial from Jonathan Tobin at Commentary . He’s not as open as I think he should be to the possibilities that a) Morsi might really intend to give up his extraordinary powers in three months, and that b) regardless of his intentions, non-Brotherhood elements of Egyptian society might use his claiming of those powers as an opportunity to remove him or otherwise politically clip his wings. But the overall picture of Obama administration policy failure, especially with respect to the mainstreaming of Hamas, is quite right.

And of course, things are hopping over at the Arabist today. More fascinating stuff from Nathan Brown, who knows Egyptian judicial politics, and this analysis from one Ursula Lindsey . Her money quote:

One of the difficulties of the current moment is how many different and murky agendas are at play at once. Both sides are convinced that what they are doing is for the greater good. The Brotherhood has stumbled badly but will not admit it; its opposition, while suddenly having found momentum, still lacks cohesion or even clarity.

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