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God's Garbage People

As the sun comes up, the men go out from Garbage City and into the streets of ­Cairo. Some walk alone, carrying empty plastic sacks over their shoulders. Some drive trucks whose bare beds will soon be piled high with waste. Others are already returning with the trash they collected overnight. They . . . . Continue Reading »

Eastern Christmas and Egypt's President

Egypt’s Coptic Christians follow the Julian calendar in celebrating Christmas on January 7th of each year. For the second consecutive year, Egyptian president Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi surprised them with an exceptionally kind gesture, once again personally attending their Coptic Christmas Eve mass and . . . . Continue Reading »

Egypt’s New Constitution

Via The Arabist , I found this primer on the new Egyptian constitution, by one Zaid Al-Ali at Open Democracy . Very thorough, and plausibly seeking to lay out the good news and the bad, from a broadly liberal perspective. The summation: Altogether, in comparison with Egypt’s constitutional . . . . Continue Reading »

Civil War in Egypt?

Super-busy week for me, can’t possibly keep up with rapidly changing Egypt developments, but signs suggest a civil war in the making: From a Guardian story, we learn that Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Alexandria and Mansoura were ransacked and in the case of latter, set on fire, prompting . . . . Continue Reading »

More Morsi

Here’s depressing but not-to-be-missed editorial from Jonathan Tobin at Commentary . He’s not as open as I think he should be to the possibilities that a) Morsi might really intend to give up his extraordinary powers in three months, and that b) regardless of his intentions, . . . . Continue Reading »

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