Robert Oscar Lopez reports that in the face of mass protests, French support for gay marriage is weakening :

If the thunderous calls for a referendum are honored by Hollande, it is not at all clear that his “marriage for all” push will have clear sailing. The “march for all” movement spearheaded by Barjot, Bongibault, and Tcheng has flipped public opinion. In June 2011, according to  this aggregate of polls , 63 percent of French citizens favored same-sex marriage and 58 percent thought it would be fine for gay couples to adopt children.

After the marches, vigorous debates, and probing coverage in the press, the public is wavering. As of  January 11, 2013 , 54 percent oppose gay adoption. In addition, 53 percent oppose “medically assisted procreation” such as surrogacy and insemination, while the number favoring same-sex marriage, still high at 60 percent, has declined slightly. Many predict that a true national debate, which protesters allege has not been allowed yet, will awaken many citizens to the counter-arguments against redefining marriage, and push the number even lower.

Lopez has started a useful blog translating into English texts relevant to the French debate.

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