This evening I was at a local Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner. The keynote speaker was Ted Cruz. He was good. He was really good. The essence of his message was hope and good news. I’d say his message was about hope and change, but I think that phrase has been taken and tarnished. That was what he was really talking about, though.

Particulars: he focused on themes often heard here, like that Republicans lost the argument in the last election, but that doesn’t mean they should stop arguing with the Democrats. Really, they’ve got the better ideas. Another was that if Republicans aren’t engaging with the 47% on the grounds of what will — basically — be the economic policies that raise all boats, then they are giving up on the future. In America, poor people can become rich people and we have to engage the unhappily dependent with the hope and promise of independence and prosperity. They aren’t going to find that in government programs, regulations that stifle business growth and taxation that eats capital. His third message was about immigration and the idea that if Republicans keep telling Hispanics that they don’t like them, then Hispanics will continue to return the sentiment.

I am simplifying what he said, condensing a good speech into talking points. But I think you will be able to hear Ted Cruz talking on these topics if you watch out for him. It will be interesting to see how he responds to the pressures of the Senate. The guy has real promise.

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