Notes On Natalism, Respect And Syria

1. My wife is in the late stages of pregnancy with our second child, so blogging is going to be light-to-nonexistent for a while. 2. I have some On The Square thoughts about how some kinds of respect for Obama’s words and the concerns of some Obama supporters could be used to defeat . . . . Continue Reading »

We’re Marvin & Marvin

In his On the Square post today, Wesley J. Smith has come to tell the tale of the Death of Marriage. When did marriage die? In 1976, when the California Supreme Court ruled that non-married couples could sue each other for breach of contract, too : Then, Michele Triola Marvin sued the movie star . . . . Continue Reading »

The Perils of Taking Sides

In Malcolm Magee’s fascinating book on Woodrow Wilson’s “faith-based foreign policy,” What the World Should Be , the author notes that, in the two major conflicts during Wilson’s administration, the president took sides largely out of a desire to divide the world into . . . . Continue Reading »

A Word About Comfort

When I hear the word comfort, the images that come to mind are macaroni and cheese, recliners, and powerful air conditioning. Comfort food and comfortable surroundings are concrete manifestations of comfort. But of course that is only one kind of comfort, a temporal, surface comfort. . . . . Continue Reading »

First Links — 9.6.13

Pantheism in the Prayer Book Brian Miller, Juicy Ecumenism What Is Coptic Christianity, Anyway? Geoffrey Reiter, Christ and Pop Culture The Constitutional Status of Islam Peter Berger,  American Interest Darwin Without Teleology? Gerard M. Verschuuren, Strange Notions A New Chapter for . . . . Continue Reading »

Mother Teresa and Her Address to Harvard

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of Blessed Mother Teresa. A great work to revisit is her famous 1982 Harvard Class Day Address found here . Yes, there is hunger. Maybe not the hunger for a piece of bread, but there is a terrible hunger for love. There is a terrible hunger for the . . . . Continue Reading »


Well, first of all, to Jim on the reaching the Centennnial number of comments. We can add, of course, over 75O TWEETS. In general, our SOCIAL MEDIA attention has been up, and I remind all our fans to get in the habit of TWEETING, LIKING, and SHARING all our POSTMODERN yet CONSERVATIVE wisdom. On . . . . Continue Reading »

On Reaching the Centennial

Ever since joining the postmodern conservative blog site, it has been my fondest fantasy to receive one hundred comments on a post. It has so pre-occupied my thoughts that as the number of comments on my last post yesterday crept into the nineties, I could not resist trying to force the day, . . . . Continue Reading »