Over at Postmodern Conservative, we receive “word from the frozen North of America.”

Peter Leithart is reading David Bentley Hart’s The Experience of God (posts one, two, and three). He’s also got some posts on Isaiah and the Psalms.

Here at First Thoughts, Dale M. Coulter writes about the Charismatic invasion, Phillip Cary takes a brief detour on his way through Genesis, Robert P. George reminds everyone that Pope Francis is Catholic, Mark Movsesian talks about helping Mideast Christians, Carl R. Trueman wants to talk about Dylan Thomas and death, William Brafford had a Calvinist childhood, David T. Koyzis discusses the recent change in the language of christenings, and J. David Nolan revisits Papal Economics.

On the Square today, Stephen H. Webb discusses Karl Barth, and James R. Rogers talks about Catholics and conservatives.

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