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Patent for Human/Chimpanzee Hybrid Denied

The United States Patent Office has denied a patent for the creation of a human/chimpanzee hydbrid animal. This is depicted as something of a defeat for Stuart Newman, the “inventor” of this still unmade chimera. But it is really a victory. Newman is engaged in a very creative effort at . . . . Continue Reading »

Cloned Embryo in UK not an Embryo in US

The lack of candor and honesty by some cloning proponents in the U.S. demeans democracy. When it was announced that Ian Wilmut, the creator of Dolly the sheep, intends to create cloned embryos for use in research, the British press and some U.S. stories acknowledged that the “product” of . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Truth on Intelligent Design

As a proud senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, I am often attacked by my debating opponents as being part of a “creationist” think tank, the idea being that my secular-based advocacy about bioethics is really religion in disguise. This canard is a reference to Discovery’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Assisted Suicide Setback in Hawaii

To the best of my knowledge, there are four states threatened with legalized assisted suicide this year: Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Vermont. Good news from the Aloha State: A committee has turned thumbs down on legalization. It isn’t over yet, but it seems highly unlikely at this point . . . . Continue Reading »

The cloning crowd’s ability to denigrate adult stem cell research is quickly losing steam. Check out this report that bone marrow stem cells may be pluripotent and can grow heart cells. It’s not over yet, but all very encouraging. Indeed, I believe this cultural struggle will be won if . . . . Continue Reading »



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