Newt: Prying open Locke’s Lockbox?

Freddie : I gotta tell you, I’m such a fan of sweeping ideas and idiosyncratic solutions to social problems that I’m naturally kind of attracted to Newt Gingrich’s new grand scheme , even if it is from one of the more odious people in American politics. Certainly, I think . . . . Continue Reading »

Scenes from an ISI Conference, part 1

Tristyn has scooped me a little, but, for those of you who don’t read the Yale Free Press blog, I’ll first say "Why?" and then remind you that everybody who’s anybody spent this past Saturday in Gun Wavin’ New Haven asking ISI’s illustrious representatives . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Public Theology Thickets

In trundling along on my path toward understanding how theological, cultural, social, and political conservatism are interrelated yet distinct things, I revisited a fine Heritage lecture by one James Ceaser called "Creed Versus Culture." There is no way to do justice to the whole lecture . . . . Continue Reading »

Is You Is or Is You Ain’t Ironic

Ross , as often transpires, has blogged something of interest: [ . . . ] Obama’s "ironist’s temperament" doesn’t just make him a more interesting politician than your average baby-kisser: It has the potential to be crucial to his success as President. Mass democracy has . . . . Continue Reading »


What are the springs of action that material well-being might unbend or loosen? I suppose they’re all the things that have to do with — acquiring material well-being, up to a point, of course. Everyone seems to agree that somewhere in the range of economic flourishing there is a point . . . . Continue Reading »

Spillover Effects

Over at the Confabulum I’ve tried to continue rolling out my conceptual brief against ideology . Part of my contention there is that in democratic times the allure of ideology is the condensation of politics, religion, and culture into a single, concise, comprehensive doctrine. A political . . . . Continue Reading »

The L Word

Every once in a while — or maybe often — it’s worth a reality check to see if theory matches up to practice. Of course those of us inclined to note that being precedes consciousness (or practice precedes reason) are inclined to pay attention to what’s going on in the real . . . . Continue Reading »

In Re: Fresh Ideas

A possibility Helen doesn’t explore explicitly is that Obama’s broad but thin and vague popularity is in some significant measure the consequence of stale ideas on the right — or at least of the inability of the right to translate their ideas into practice. We should wonder more . . . . Continue Reading »

PowerPoint and Philosophy

I make the argument here that an increasing reliance upon Powerpoint among college professors in the humanities reveals much about the state of liberal education and the condition of professional philosophy today. A snippet: The hidden premise beneath the proliferation of PowerPoint in university . . . . Continue Reading »