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Matthew Schmitz is a former senior editor of First Things. 

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Market Rationing

From First Thoughts

Writing in Public Discourse  today, Yuval Levin argues that it is both possible and necessary to curb entitlement spending and broaden the provision of healthcare in a manner that respects the equality and dignity of all. His piece covers a good deal of ground, but one of its most . . . . Continue Reading »

Chaput at World Youth Day

From First Thoughts

One of today’s On the Square pieces features remarks by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput from a session on religious freedom at World Youth Day in Madrid. In her World Youth Day diary entry for today, Anna Halpine describes the young attendees’ enthusiastic response to the call to . . . . Continue Reading »

How Pedophilia Might Regain its Cool

From First Thoughts

In her December 2009 essay ” How Pedophilia Lost Its Cool ,” Mary Eberstadt explained how the sometimes gleeful attacks on the Catholic Church during the sexual abuse crisis had made it more difficult for the Church’s critics to wink at pederasty and pedophilia: After all, one . . . . Continue Reading »

Italy Moves to Ban the Burqa

From First Thoughts

Via Mark DeGirolami at Mirror of Justice, I see that Italy is contemplating a ban of veils worn by Muslim women: An Italian parliamentary commission on Tuesday approved a draft law banning women from wearing veils that cover their faces in public. The draft passed by the constitutional affairs . . . . Continue Reading »

Capital and Moral Capital

From First Thoughts

As Rusty Reno recently observed  in these pages, the poorest have been hit the hardest by the rise of out-of-wedlock birth, cohabitation, divorce, and remarriage. But Harold James , an economic historian at Princeton University and senior fellow of the Witherspoon Institute, notes in his . . . . Continue Reading »

Chaput in First Things

From First Thoughts

New on the site today is an article by Charles J. Chaput, the newly designated leader of Philadelphia’s Catholics. If you haven’t seen it already, you can read it here . It’s a follow-up to an article last week on the same topic, which you can find here . I’ve . . . . Continue Reading »

re: Death and Budgets

From First Thoughts

David Brooks’ column today on life and death is thought-provoking but ambiguous at several important points. It’s not clear whether, along with Dudley Clendinen , Brooks denies the value of life with diminished capacities or whether he simply thinks patients should sometimes choose to . . . . Continue Reading »

Race and Same-Sex Marriage

From First Thoughts

Last week Joe highlighted Matt Franck’s Public Discourse article ” Is Sex Just Like Race? ” Matt was responding to the law professor who claims that the Catholic University of America is practicing segregation by returning to single-sex dormitories. But readers should also take . . . . Continue Reading »

A New Movement for Marriage

From Web Exclusives

The approval of same-sex civil marriage by the New York state legislature did not bring on the end of the world, or of history. It did not even mark, as Michael Potemra claimed in a post at National Review, “the end of the long road” for those who advocated it. The path to same-sex civil marriage still must go through many more states that are far less susceptible to the emotional bullying of the SSM lobby than was New York, and it is by no means certain that advocates will ever reach their destination. More importantly, it is far from clear”even to them”what that destination is… . Continue Reading »