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The Pig-Man Isn’t

There has been much handwringing about the news that scientists injected human stem cells into pig embryos, creating a mostly-pig-but-a-little-bit-human chimera. Here are some other questions that must be debated about this emerging technology while it remains in the gestational stage: Continue Reading »

The Need to Use Animals in Research

The attackers of animal research take two paths toward attempting to end it—one of which I respect but with which I profoundly disagree—and the other which I neither respect nor accept. The argument that I think is wrong but respect (epitoimzed by Gary Francione), admits that scientific . . . . Continue Reading »

More Proof That Animal Research Works

Most animal rights activists deny the many benefits—both scientific and medical—that we derive from doing animal research. This position is empirically untenable. Case in point: The recent experiment in which scientists created a beating heart from adult stem cells—which I blogged . . . . Continue Reading »

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