While Adam Slept

A question from a philistine: Is this personage in the chiffon sheer off a picture window supposed to be God? Or Eve? Or what? You’d think that “Adam Sleeping” would be a relatively simple narrative to represent, but apparently not. On second thought, I think that must be God. . . . . Continue Reading »

Drop, Drop

Here’s an image to ponder: Crucifixion as blood-type test. And just think how fabulous it’ll look over Jody’s sofa. [Rating: -27.3 out of 100]from . . . . Continue Reading »

You Say Tomato

Here’s an interesting sculptural specimen I ran across in the crypt at the Episcopal Church of the Frescoes in Glendale Springs, North Carolina, back in June. It is, as you can see, a representation of Our Lord wearing what looks like a pashmina, or maybe a camel’s-hair hand-me-down from . . . . Continue Reading »

More eBaywatch!

Jesus Temporary Tattoo. Bidding ends in 13 days, which is longer than He will last on your bicep. You’ll want this to go with the tattoo, and this to complete the effect. Or, if you’re more inclined towards the crypto-profound, this t-shirt might appeal to you instead. Now, this thing . . . . Continue Reading »

From Our Mailbag

Well, really from our comments forum. Reader Mark Gooley is looking for a painting of the Holy Trinity, which he describes thus: . . . a beautiful painting of the Trinity (perhaps being adored by the Blessed Virgin and/or other saints: I’m not sure). It shows the Father and the Son exhaling a . . . . Continue Reading »

Aaaaand They’re Off

Bad Church Art at The CrescatYeesh. And I’m not one to point fingers, either, because my own parish church, though I love it dearly, looks like a prefab office plaza dropped from a helicopter into the middle of a pasture. The Angel of the Perpendicular Style passed it right on over, and then . . . . Continue Reading »

eBaywatch: Triptych: UPDATED

This caught my eye, not because it’s an example of egregiousness, nor again because it’s so particularly fine, but because I have one. Mine belonged to my grandmother. Her house was full of things which I was allowed to handle in ritual fashion: the decomposing china-and-kid doll . . . . Continue Reading »

eBaywatch: Uptown Saturday Night

Whoo. Let’s see what we’ve got going on tonight. Oh, oh, oh. Check it out. Easter’s over, baby, but you can beat the rush. I know about being forgiven, but won’t wearing a t-shirt that says so make people want to ask you what you did? In my town it would. “Whu’d . . . . Continue Reading »