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Sartorial Eye for the Clerical Guy

Using TLC’s What Not to Wear and Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as models, I’m developing a television pilot program this spring for CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). I envision a cadre of Christian cosmopolitans – similar to the “Fab Five” – whose . . . . Continue Reading »

Hosting the Holy One

I am currently reading the Book of Exodus. I remember teaching this peculiar book to high school students. All showed interest in the exodus narrative, some in the sojourn narrative, and none in the Sinai narrative. I guess contemporary Americans are not much different than ancient Israelites: we . . . . Continue Reading »

Of Scripture and Tradition

Recently there was a discussion over Scripture at Evangel over whether it was infallible or inerrant and what that might mean. But this discussion I offer, in an important way is missing the point. [updated for clarity] In  a prior discussion on inerrance/infallibility, I was pointed at some . . . . Continue Reading »

Exegetical Reflections on Job

Well, as promised I’m going to try to talk about my upcoming oral final exam, an Old Testament homily for my late-vocations class that I’m taking. We were given the task of selecting a OT lection (reading section from the liturgical rubrics) and give an approximately 10 minute homily on . . . . Continue Reading »

No “End Run” Around the Cross

Here is a graphic that, Rev. James Douthwaite, at St. Athanasius Lutheran Church in Vienna, Virginia, uses to explain how we should always factor in the Cross when we consider our relationship to God and His relationship to us. (A parishioner made this visual image.)So, in God’s relationship . . . . Continue Reading »

Considering Theodicy

Theodicy is a topic I’ve been thinking about a bit. Next weekend, in the OT course I’m taking my final is to give a 10 minute homily on an Old Testament lection (assigned reading for a liturgy, matins, or vespers service). I was considering doing my little talk on a Genesis reading, . . . . Continue Reading »

A Bible Question

Here’s a quick question for Protestant readers, especially those who adhere to innerrancy and Sola Scriptura ... although those of other traditions might jump in.Look at the endings of these two books:II Kings 25:27-30Now it came to pass in the 37th year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of . . . . Continue Reading »

What Makes the Bible Special?

Many people make a resolution in the New Year to be more intentional, more diligent, more zealous for daily Bible reading. And God bless them in their desire and effort to be deeply in God’s Word! What is their point? Why immerse ourselves deeply in God’s Word? Here is the great news . . . . Continue Reading »

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