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Comment Notification

There’s a box to check at the bottom of the commenting box to indicate that you want to receive notifications by email whenever anyone comments on a post. I’ve been checking that box when I leave comments. I haven’t received one notification from this site. I even checked my spam . . . . Continue Reading »

So does it bother anyone else?

Before you read this, I know: I’m a guest here, and that as a guest it’s best for me to honor my hosts’ platform and objectives. And in that, I don’t mean to be an ingrate or to offend advertisers who make this blog possible.BUT...Is anyone else bothered by the banner ad at . . . . Continue Reading »

This Jesus

Now, I started reflecting on this because my kids were in the back seat of the car singing that song about Peter and John and the lame man — “Silver and Gold have I none / but such as I have give I thee / in the name of Je-e-sus Chri-i-ist/ of Nazareth rise up and walk! / He was walking and leaping and Praising God! / Walking and leaping and Praising God! / in the name of Je-e-sus Chri-i-ist/ of Nazareth rise up and walk!” Continue Reading »

Water Cooler Linkage

A question ... weekdays I produce this link post at my blog ... and I was copying it here with the idea it might stimulate discussions ... but in light of Joe’s recent post that Evangel posts should have lasting relevance ... and much of these links are topical and on current events that leads . . . . Continue Reading »

Read This Blog On Your Own Time

Most of us have heard the old quip, made famous in Annie Hall, about a meal in which the food is terrible—and the portions are too small. Recently I heard the inverse complaint made many times about this fledgling blog: The content is great—and there’s too much of it!Initially, I was . . . . Continue Reading »

The Joy of Blogging

One of the things that is most interesting about producing Secondhand Smoke is seeing which posts generate the most comments. Today, I posted an entry about the television program The 4400, that I thought would generate considerable interest. (I don’t measure the interest of people in any post . . . . Continue Reading »

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