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Who Has the Authority to Write Theology?

We live in an age of unprecedented theological production. At no point in church history have so many people written so many books and articles, not to mention blogs, wikis, and e-newsletters, about the Christian faith. Twenty-seven years ago, when I began my college teaching career, publishing a book was a notable accomplishment even for scholars at prestigious universities. Nowadays, it is incumbent on every professor no matter where they teach (or what they have to say) to write for their supper. Not only has the oft-predicted collapse of the academic book market not materialized, but the web has revolutionized the very nature of authorship. The Protestant Reformers wanted every believer to be a priest, but they couldn’t have anticipated that anyone with an Internet connection could be a theologian. Continue Reading »

Is EVANGEL a Mixed Religion Blog?

I was checking one of the trackbacks to this blog site from a web site called “Thoughts of Francis Turretin” which describes Evangel as a “mixed religion blog.” Really? Mixed religions? Is this how you would understand this blog site, to be a mixing of religions? Is one of . . . . Continue Reading »

Trueman on Sinful Self-Promotion

This essay by Carl Trueman is travelling like wildfire around the Christian blogging community, and with good reason.  It’s a scathing critique of the profligate self-promotion that goes on in the Christian blogging community:Let’s stop there a minute. This is madness. Is this where . . . . Continue Reading »

Greetings from the Token Lutheran

[caption id=”” align=”alignleft” width=”228” caption=”A Painting that Preaches Christ: Cranach's Altar Painting in the St. Peter and Paul Church; Weimar, Germany”][/caption]Hello and greetings everyone. I thought I should introduce myself. Joe . . . . Continue Reading »

An Interview with the Devil Himself

In his current Evangel bio, Frank Turk lists one of his pastimes as “internet mayhem.” As evidenced by the current offense taken to him by Mark Olsen and various commenters at Evangel, he obviously hasn’t lost his spiritual gift in that matter. However, as he read through . . . . Continue Reading »

Dear Sarah Palin

If you come to Columbus, OH, in the near future, I would enjoy interviewing you.  Perhaps coffee or tea @ the local Panera?There is something about blogging, something lacking.  We’re out here, just writing, alone and with little reward.  Many of us are neither reporters nor any . . . . Continue Reading »

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