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Heirs to the Kingdom

I can’t talk about the material culture of religion without, at least sometimes, talking about homeschooling. Of course, all stereotypes aside, homeschooling is not exclusively a religious phenomenon; when we began homeschooling, it was not for religious reasons, but because our oldest . . . . Continue Reading »

Note to Bill

The comment you left asking me if I knew of a source for those ribbon-bookmark thingies got lost in the blog-changeover shuffle, and I’m worrying about the repetitive-stress-injury potential which your breviary poses. Might these be what you’re looking for? You can order them from St. . . . . Continue Reading »

Hobbes, Hamlet, and Individuality

The skill in desire and aversion is knowing how to preserve the practical self from dissolution. — OAKESHOTT As will one day be elaborated in a dissertation, Machiavelli’s eponymous Prince lived — and killed — by surfeit of this virtu ; Shakespeare’s Prince Hamlet . . . . Continue Reading »

A Secular Political Philosophy

Charles Taylor’s monumental (or at least huge) A Secular Age is, I suppose, old news already, but, as usual, it has taken me a long time to figure out how to undo Taylor with his own statements, and so now of course I have to share. Finally I’ve figured out this out, and I thought you . . . . Continue Reading »

Help Your Self

My friend Matt Crawford has written a book ! It is a very good book! I will have more to say about it later! But for now, go read this warm review of Shop Class as Soulcraft , by Slate ‘s Michael Agger! . . . . Continue Reading »

Christianity, Modernity, and America

The latest issue of Modern Age (Winter 2009) is now available for general consumption and features a symposium on Remi Brague’s amazingly erudite book The Law of God . Besides a very fine lead contribution from Mark Shiffman (who blogs over at Front Porch Republic ) you’ll also find short . . . . Continue Reading »

Thomas, Chesterton — McLuhan?

At The University Bookman , Joseph P. Duggan offers an interesting read of Marshall McLuhan as a ‘postmodern grammarian.’ There’s too much at issue for me to cut into it adequately at the moment, but all manner of intriguing and controversial questions are raised in a pretty short . . . . Continue Reading »

Thinking Through Postmodern Conservatism

As the Right broadly defined argues about its direction, let’s hope for an increasingly large place in that public sphere for Postmodern Conservatism. But what is it? My attempts to define can be found here in various parts. To continue, the embrace of uncertainty is an intersection of two . . . . Continue Reading »

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