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Book Recommendations for Obama

Over at the main blog, Joe Carter asks : In all seriousness, though, what books would you recommend the President read during his vacation? Assuming you had to stick to the same  3:1:1 ratio (3 novels, 1 biography, 1 policy-oriented nonfiction) what books would you slip into his travel bag? . . . . Continue Reading »

Plain, Ordinary, and Decent Things

I didn’t know about John C. Wright till, this winter, the science-fiction writer and reviewer Robert Chase sent me a note suggesting I read Wright’s Golden Age series. You gotta love Wright, though, for this recent response to a reviewer (noted over at the always-interesting Postmodern . . . . Continue Reading »

Dept. of “You’re in Over Your Head”

Sci-Fi Author John C. Wright takes down a belligerent reviewer in style : The thrilling conclusion: An interviewer once asked me if my Christianity or my political philosophy would offend readers, by which he meant readers to the Left of Center. I answered that since such readers get offended at . . . . Continue Reading »

Mary Mary

This past Wednesday, July 22, of course was the feast of Saint Mary Magdalene. In honor of the day, The Anchoress wrote an insightful meditation on tradition’s identifying her with the woman caught in adultery, to which many commenters, including me, responded spiritedly. I have been interested . . . . Continue Reading »

Generation Hobbes

One drawback of Leviathan is that Hobbes, the great theorist of the individual, doesn’t theorize the kind of individual that emerges in real life in the wake of, say, Napoleon. (This is a kind of individual different yet from the one we associate with the Revolution itself.) Already within . . . . Continue Reading »

Summer Reading Redux

Well, that was June. This is July.Read-aloud for the 5- and 6-year-olds: Mary Norton’s The Borrowers, in a volume with all the stories.The 11-year-old: Is currently rereading, for the zillionth time, the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, in a cheesy-looking (photos from the films on the . . . . Continue Reading »

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