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​Ye of Brittle Faith

On December 15, 2011, Christopher Hitchens died of esophageal cancer. Some remember him as a man of the left who, after 9/11, converted to a kind of neoconservatism; others remember him as an atheist provocateur and serial blasphemer. For me, Christopher Hitchens was much more than either of these . . . . Continue Reading »

Faith Without a Hitch

“There she is, speaking through broken English, she’s poorly educated, she’s no match for Hitchens in debate, and yet her whole life trumped every single argument he could make — all the clever arguments that he could make against God and God’s existence.”Gayle . . . . Continue Reading »

Intimidating Intelligence Dims the Brights

In an anything-but-apologetic apologia, Mary Eberstadt challenges the many spokesmen (and they are almost all men) for the New Atheism in her satire, The Loser Letters.  Reminiscent of Ted Turner’s infamous comment that Christianity is a religion for losers, the Loser in this book is . . . . Continue Reading »

Chemistry and Culpability

In response to the question, “What were they thinking?” Christopher Buckley argues that the same substance propelling the success of men such as John Edwards, Mark Sanford, and Tiger Woods also detonates their spectacular flame-outs.  “The very drive that propels these people . . . . Continue Reading »

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