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Icons and the Triumph of Orthodoxy

A recent post by Christopher Benson on the Sunday of Orthodoxy in which he mused about the anathematising of the iconoclasts ... and what that says about him as a non-icon worshipping Christian. I’m not going to essay and defence of icons, the Lossky/Ousspensky book (The Meaning of Icons) is . . . . Continue Reading »

In Christ, Death Died

As such He came; He came as Saviour. He died, but He vanquished death; in Himself He put an end to what we feared; He took it upon Himself and He vanquished it, as a mighty Hunter He captured and slew the lion. Where is death? Seek it in Christ, for it exists no longer; but it did exist and now it . . . . Continue Reading »

A Theological Puzzle

Something to ponder, and this is from memory so I might get it a little wrong. But it’s been puzzling me.St. Gregory Palamas asserted that the fall of man was not an ontological change but an anthropological one.Metropolititan John Zizioulas asserts that Baptism is an ontological change.So is . . . . Continue Reading »

The Conversion of St. Paul: January 25

Can there be a more magnificent example of the love, grace and mercy of God than the conversion of our father in Christ, St. Paul? From persecutor to preacher, from murderer of the saints, to the merciful lover of all souls. The Scripture readings appointed for today are:Acts 9:1-22Galatians . . . . Continue Reading »

Commemoration of the Cappadocian Fathers

Basil and the two Gregorys, collectively known as the Cappadocian Fathers, were leaders of Christian orthodoxy in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) in the later fourth century. Basil and Gregory of Nyssa were brothers; Gregory of Nazianzus was their friend. All three were influential in shaping the . . . . Continue Reading »

Texts Have Consequences

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture – New Testament II: Mark.Edited by Thomas C. Oden and Christopher A. Hall.Inter Varsity. 317 pp. $39.99Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture – New Testament VI: RomansEdited by Gerald Bray.Inter Varsity. 440 pp. $39.99Reading Scripture with the . . . . Continue Reading »

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