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Quick Rising

Last December, an Orthodox church was built in a day in Moscow—and another in Kiev and another in Minsk, all to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Christianity in Russia.Or maybe it was even faster. Here’s how to build a church in 30 seconds: Rating: 65 out of . . . . Continue Reading »

Aaaaand They’re Off

Bad Church Art at The CrescatYeesh. And I’m not one to point fingers, either, because my own parish church, though I love it dearly, looks like a prefab office plaza dropped from a helicopter into the middle of a pasture. The Angel of the Perpendicular Style passed it right on over, and then . . . . Continue Reading »

Catechesis 101

I have just said yes to Father’s generous offer of an opportunity to teach the First Communion class, and I’m not a little tied up in knots. First of all, when Father asked me, I looked around to see whom else he might have been addressing: I haven’t been Catholic all that long, . . . . Continue Reading »

eBaywatch II: Church Goods Rescue Effort

In this season of ordinations, I’m sure some of you out there are searching for gifts for the ordinands in your lives. Rather than giving a brand-spanking-new chalice, crucifix, statue or vestment, why not rescue some church good which has lost its original home? For example, save these . . . . Continue Reading »


It’s a beauty, a symbol of faith handed down to us from the days of Roman persecution, when Christians identified each other via the sign of the largemouth bass. He is cheerful-looking, I must say. And he appears very fetching beside the two rolls of Scotch tape in the penultimate photograph. . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s That Time

Our local Sunday paper consists of about eleven pages, excluding classified ads, at least four of which are devoted to “Church News.” Not that “Church News” is all that’s happening in our town by any means: we also have blackberry growers, flash floods, high-speed car . . . . Continue Reading »

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