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Not For Sale

Okay, Anthony, I give up. What is Kris Kristofferson doing in his pajamas on a church wall in — there’s a place in England called “Uckfield?” Barking I’ve heard of. Dorking I’ve heard of. Duck End I’ve been to. Ditto Wenhaxon and Onehouse. But never . . . . Continue Reading »

Heroes and Holy Places

Recently some friends of mine were discussing the misapplication of the word “heroic” to denote efforts which people ought to make simply as a matter of course. Staying married, for example, is not an act of heroism, at least in most cases, yet you read in the tabloids — that is, . . . . Continue Reading »

Through a Glass Darkly

You have to wish that all our imperfect human vision were as nearly sublime as this.The market for religion’s material culture is a strange place indeed. It’s full of things which make you ask: Why is this for sale? Who buys it? There are things, for instance, packaged as manifestations . . . . Continue Reading »

Signs and Wonders

Or maybe it’s just a sign from Stewart: America’s Premier Sign CompanyDon’t take my word for the superior quality of these church signs. Just check out the many heartfelt testimonials from satisfied customers like yourself: “Your sign is an asset to our community,” says . . . . Continue Reading »

Flip a Switch and Forget it

Ought we to want a bapistry that lets us “flip a switch and forget it”? If so, they’ve got us covered over at, where the “Easy Fill system allows you to flip a switch and forget it! The baptistery will fill, and maintain until ready.” [Rating: . . . . Continue Reading »

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