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Turning Inward

The most immediate and pressing ecumenical question for Protestants is not their relationship to Rome but their relationship to one another. From the moment Luther refused to accept Zwingli’s memorialist view of the Lord’s Supper at Marburg in 1529, the history of Protestantism has followed the . . . . Continue Reading »

Confession in America

Confession:  Catholics, Repentance, and Forgiveness in America by patrick w. carey oxford, 392 pages, $34.95 In the 2013 Joseph Gordon-­Levitt romantic comedy Don Jon, the porn-obsessed title character hits the confessional, reels off his ­usual list of sins against chastity, and then . . . . Continue Reading »

The Concession Speech

Those who want to use this creed as the basis for their concession speech have to grasp first that the creed was not the means by which the universal and apostolic church all held hands and sang the Greek version of “Kumbaya”. It was the means by which the church was separating itself from egregious error. Continue Reading »

A clarification

This is Frank Turek. I am not Frank Turek. I know: he says it wrong, and it sounds like “Frank Turk”. Forgive him.If he gets half as many e-mails people mean for me that I get which they mean for him, I pity him. I am sure the mail he gets meant for me is far less . . . . Continue Reading »

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