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Sagging Porches

At one time the website Front Porch Republic stood as a shining light, celebrating an open and public discussion of the limits of government, the intrinsic necessity of conceiving of ‘place’ in the human drama, and the acknowledgement of ‘liberty’ as a requirement . . . . Continue Reading »

David Brooks Goes Wobbly on Suburbs

“Whatever the reason,” writes Prof. Deneen , clearly sporting for another round of epic battle, “it’s good news indeed. Score 1 for FPR, zero for the PoMoCons.” But Brooks’ defense of the suburbs was wrongly grounded. Here’s why we know better and . . . . Continue Reading »

Joe Escalante on Restoring Faith

Let’s take the solemn dress code away from the Goths, the Rosaries away from the gangs, the blood & death fixation away from the scene-kids, the art away from the academics, the Latin away from the Harry Potter geeks, the bi-location away from Siegfried & Roy, the exorcisms away from . . . . Continue Reading »

“Chosen, But Not Special”

I find this Michael Chabon op-ed , written in the wake of Israel’s interception of the Gaza flotilla, to be remarkable, and not in a good way. A few extremely cleverly oblique references to God, while the figure who identifies that God rather than merely naming him — guess who? — . . . . Continue Reading »

Libertarians Against Nudging

Yes, Virginia. Will Wilkinson does the world a service and gives Glen Whitman plenty of space to air his deep concerns with nudgetarianism. At a recent panel discussing prospects for libertarian/liberal relations, I asked whether the real trouble, as opposed to liberaltarianism, wasn’t . . . . Continue Reading »

The Rustic Belt

I’m up at Bloggingheads talking American “rustics” with Jim Pinkerton — folks I sometimes refer to, in a spirit akin to Hunter Thompson’s, as “rubes.” One big question is whether Mead’s much-discussed foursquare categorization of Americans — . . . . Continue Reading »


And now, a bit of news I’m excited to share: I’ve signed on as Managing Editor at Ricochet, a new online political forum coming your way in a matter of weeks. Feast your pre-launch curiosity at Facebook and Twitter . There’ll be details to follow, of course. Meanwhile, life will . . . . Continue Reading »

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