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Ryan and the Young Voter

I have to agree with Peter Lawler about the resentment younger generations might rightly feel towards Baby Boomers.  However, I ask if Baby Boomers weren’t equally screwed by the Greatest Generation?  Through Social Security and Medicare, that generation got back far more than it . . . . Continue Reading »

Today’s VP-pick Commentary

The WSJ heads an editorial this morning with “Why Not Paul Ryan?Romney can win a big election over big issues. He’ll lose a small one.” Too risky, goes the Beltway chorus. His selection would make Medicare and the House budget the issue, not the economy. The 42-year-old is too . . . . Continue Reading »

Pete Spiliakos’ Birthday

How do I know?  Facebook told me.  This is my opportunity to pay a little tribute to my fellow blogger.  Below, Pete writes a post that he begins with “I don’t have the mental energy . . . ” and then he proceeds to prove that even when he doesn’t have his . . . . Continue Reading »

Aurora Colorado Mayhem

We take sympathy and sorrow for granted when people die in circumstances like the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting . Unfortunately, we can also take for granted that a chorus of voices in favor of gun repression, as if the availability of guns inspires mass murderers. You’ll hear all . . . . Continue Reading »

Fifty Shades of Summer Reading

That book series!  John Presnall writes about it below.  I have something to add to the discussion. I am on the board of our county public library.  There was a bit of controversy at a board meeting over this book and the genre called Gray Romance.   Yes, it’s selling . . . . Continue Reading »

Freedom of Speech Includes Some Kinds of Lies

In a decision that will upset some military men I know, the Supreme Court finds that it is constitutional to lie about yourself. The case centered on Xavier Alvarez, a water-district board member in California, who was convicted of falsely claiming to be a Medal of Honor recipient. A federal . . . . Continue Reading »

The Marines Hit Cleveland

We are celebrating Marines Week in Cleveland.  There are activities all week and Public Square, Voinovich Park, Burke Lakefront Airport, are all full of sights like this.  Welcome to America, where ordnance in the streets is a celebration that brings out the day tourists. . . . . Continue Reading »

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