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The Boundaries of Evangelicalism

Here I was thinking that I’d be able to get through a couple days with the kids home and not much time to blog and then enter into the conversation a few posts in by tonight. Little did I know that over 50 posts would appear on this blog in the meantime!I wrote back in November about the . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s About Imputation

What is an evangelical? In a word: imputation. If there is one animating idea that separates evangelicals most precisely from Catholic, Orthodox, and mainline Christians, and from the rest of the world’s religions, needless to say, it’s that Christ’s righteousness is imputed, not . . . . Continue Reading »

What Google Says Evangelicals Are

Most internet users, surprisingly enough, don’t look to esoteric bloggers for answers. They turn to the Almighty Search Engine, which more often than not is Google (hey, we all can’t hang on to AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, and Webcrawler). Therefore, I thought our discussion of what is an . . . . Continue Reading »

More on Proclaiming

we “evangelicals” (or more traditionally, just “???????????”, as they were first called in Antioch — just “Christians”) tend to make it a lot more complicated than it has to be. Continue Reading »

The Theological Core of Evangelicalism

Joe Carter started this discussion by asking, “How would the bloggers here at Evangel define the term? What is is that we all have in common that allows us to share the label?” Timothy George provides a helpful short and concise summary:At its heart [evangelicalism] is a theological core . . . . Continue Reading »

Moving Beyond Simple Criticism

When I was a kid, I loved the sight gags in the old Adam West “Batman” series. One in particular used to crack me up: in the Bat Cave, the equipment was labeled with large signs, no matter how obvious it was what the item was. “Bat poles.” “Bat phone.” Etc. Ever . . . . Continue Reading »

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