Evangelicalism, Ethics, and Eggshells

Teaching ethics in a local junior college is a great opportunity to impact minds in my community. A somewhat ancillary discussion we have had in class is the usage of moral and ethical—terms with no meaningful distinction, though sometimes associated with different quadrants of society (e.g. . . . . Continue Reading »

Is it the 19th Century All Over Again?

As usual I’m late to the party.  Joe and I have been friends for several years now and in honor of our friendship I changed e-mail addresses and didn’t let him know.  So, we’ve finally caught up and today I join this august body of bloggers, feeling way in over my head, . . . . Continue Reading »

Party Like It’s 1999 + 10

Last weekend our parish celebrated an ecclesiastical birthday of sorts* and I’d like to share some thoughts in the wake of that event. How did we commemorate this event, that is besides the obligatory brunch?The answer: With a memorial service devoted to the memory of all members of our parish . . . . Continue Reading »

The Boundaries of Evangelicalism

Here I was thinking that I’d be able to get through a couple days with the kids home and not much time to blog and then enter into the conversation a few posts in by tonight. Little did I know that over 50 posts would appear on this blog in the meantime!I wrote back in November about the . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s About Imputation

What is an evangelical? In a word: imputation. If there is one animating idea that separates evangelicals most precisely from Catholic, Orthodox, and mainline Christians, and from the rest of the world’s religions, needless to say, it’s that Christ’s righteousness is imputed, not . . . . Continue Reading »