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Freedom From Food

If vegetarianism is the dietary equivalent of pacifism, then Soylent is a form of dietary celibacy. Soylent is a nutritional drink designed by a software engineer for urban professionals too busy to cook and easily tempted by fast food. Not a supplement, it contains everything your body needs in a few daily gulps of doggedly bland sludge. Think of a vanilla milkshake without the taste of vanilla, milk, or ice cream. Theoretically, you can live on this stuff for the rest of your life. Soylent promises freedom from food. Continue Reading »

The Animal with Logos

In Genesis the goodness of creation requires what I have called a logic of otherness , in which dualities that could become divisions or antagonisms are united for the good. The basic structure of this logic is: (1) first one, then the other, (2) the one for the good of the other, and (3) the one . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Your Dad’s Laffy Taffy

Tour this selection of religiously-themed Halloween candy at And I’d be curious to find out: 1. Do you celebrate Halloween at all? Why or why not? 2. If you don’t, do you just ignore it, or do you do something alternative instead? In the interest of transparency, we do do . . . . Continue Reading »

Meatless Friday

We have company coming for lunch today, and I’ve stopped counting the times somebody in the household has passed me here at my desk to ask what we’re having to eat. FOOD, all right? Now pick up that Q-tip and get back to dusting the settee.Being a Southerner, I generally have a ready . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Like It Purgatorial

Now, in Memphis, Tennessee, where I come from, barbecue is a religion, and if I haven’t heard of miracle healings and raisings-from-the-dead attributed to somebody’s secret sauce recipe, surely it’s because I wasn’t paying attention. Being from Memphis, and subscribing as I . . . . Continue Reading »

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