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The Theology of Foreign Policy

On matters of foreign policy, Americans are divided into two hidden camps. Not Republicans versus Democrats, nor liberals versus conservatives, nor rival schools of foreign policy you read about in college courses. The divide is primarily religious in nature—or perhaps “theological” is the . . . . Continue Reading »

Taking Fundamentalism Seriously

An eminent British scholar of Buddhism took occasion in a recent essay to observe that contemporary Western university students are more likely to be taught about Hinduism than about the variety of Christian denominations. He gave one ominous example: “What . . . do our teachers of Christianity . . . . Continue Reading »

Countercultural Christians

Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalismby George M. Marsden Eerdmans, 206 pages, $12.95 Evangelicalism and fundamentalism continue to represent a vital and flourishing sector of American religion, one often at war with the American cultural elite and latterly much engaged in politics. For . . . . Continue Reading »

Back to Fundamentals

This volume, containing sixteen essays (including the useful introduction by editor Norman Cohen), constitutes a valuable reference source on American Protestant and other forms of religious “fundamentalism.” There is a little something here for everyone. The essays, for one thing, range from . . . . Continue Reading »

Where's the Glory?

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A Journey into the Evangelical Subcultureby randall balmeroxford university press, 246 pages, $19.95 While familiarity and education both breed contempt for things like traditional religion, they also, especially in combination, can spawn interesting insights into . . . . Continue Reading »

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