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Gifts, Sex, and the State Legislature

A Missouri state assembly bill sponsored by Representative Bart Korman (R-Montgomery County) would require lobbyists to disclose sexual relationships with legislators or legislative staffers. The bill does so through defining sex as a “gift.”

eBaywatch: Guardian Angels

Tuesday we celebrated the Holy Archangels; today it’s our invisible guardians whom we feast. Herewith, some stuff: Okay. If you were going to buy wings for the Christmas pageant, you could go ahead and get them today. Not great art or theology or anything, but little kids like dressing up, and . . . . Continue Reading »

The Feast of Saint Therese

I didn’t know it until I started googling around this morning, but right now the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux are touring the United Kingdom. Today she’s at York Minster; more about the itinerary here.Swine flu fears aside, if you’re in the neighborhood, go and say a prayer . . . . Continue Reading »

Quo Vadis II: Gifts for the Graduate

I am an uninspired gift-giver at the best of times. If I gave you a little purse hand-knitted by my daughter for Christmas last year, odds are that by next Christmas I’ll have forgotten all about it, and you’ll get the same thing again, though perhaps in a different color.Graduations are . . . . Continue Reading »

Were You There?

No no no, not the hymn. I’m talking about, were you there. Nelson Memorial United Methodist Church. The Junior-High Sunday School Retreat. Panacea Falls State Park. Last weekend in April, 1978. Where they had the drowned mouse in the shower drain? And we had to do square-dancing on Saturday . . . . Continue Reading »

Now THESE Are Rosaries

Alan Creech makes these beautiful, Franciscan-inspired, single-decade rosaries using natural materials with satisfying textures.If, like me, you not only have a San Damiano crucifix on your front door and a relic of Saint Francis in your living room, but are also a tactile person whose attention at . . . . Continue Reading »

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