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Of Scripture and Tradition

Recently there was a discussion over Scripture at Evangel over whether it was infallible or inerrant and what that might mean. But this discussion I offer, in an important way is missing the point. [updated for clarity] In  a prior discussion on inerrance/infallibility, I was pointed at some . . . . Continue Reading »

Completely Real

We love our stuff, and that makes God less-real to us. We want our relationship with God to be completely under our control the way all our stuff — everything from cars to boxes of paper — is under our control. And because Jesus is not in your face the way this blog is in your face, . . . . Continue Reading »

The Savior’s Glory

SING, my tongue,the Savior’s glory;tell His triumph far and wide;tell aloud the famous storyof His body crucified;how upon the cross a victim,vanquishing in death, He died.Eating of the tree forbidden,man had sunk in Satan’s snare,when our pitying Creator didthis second tree . . . . Continue Reading »

Admitting it to Ourselves

That’s not the end of what Peter said that day, and we’ll get back to that in a minute. But I think that we have to admit something to ourselves since we know we are like Oprah Winfrey. We have to admit that often, we don’t care about what God wants.

I think there are two reasons for this. ... Continue Reading »

Jesus was crucified

It’s obvious, I hope, that I’m writing here for people who say to themselves, “There is something irresistible about Jesus.” For some of you, that’s a point which you make into an ideological cathedral — a point of doctrine which lines up in an acronym that summarizes the faith, your faith. For others, it’s a nagging thought — as you work out your faith on your own, you keep coming back to this Jesus, and you can’t make sense of him all the way, but you also can’t accept everything he says because it seems somehow too hard to live that way, or too complex, or too simple, or merely out of your grid of experience. Continue Reading »

No “End Run” Around the Cross

Here is a graphic that, Rev. James Douthwaite, at St. Athanasius Lutheran Church in Vienna, Virginia, uses to explain how we should always factor in the Cross when we consider our relationship to God and His relationship to us. (A parishioner made this visual image.)So, in God’s relationship . . . . Continue Reading »

Our Day of Self-Atonement

Without a doubt a large number of white bloggers, both amateur and professional, can be found today, clicking away a post on how we ought to improve our attitudes toward our brothers and sisters of different a darker skin tone.  I would challenge these authors to take it one step further:  . . . . Continue Reading »

The God Who Provides

The beginning of a New Year is a time to reflect on God’s kindness and goodness to us, but we are often concerned and fearful about the future. What will happen this year? Will we make it through another trial? Can we survive another hard year?In the face of an uncertain future, our hope as . . . . Continue Reading »

Beauty, Spirit, and Evangelism

I’m not a poet. Actually, a more candid statement more accurately state that I’m just about as far removed from being a poet and possessing poetic sensibilities as one might get. When I read prose fiction, I don’t see words ... images and a sense of what transpires moves through my . . . . Continue Reading »

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