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Halloween and the Power of Evil

There are big banners hanging over the streets of our local business district, announcing a “Spooktacular” celebration on Halloween. I wonder whether the local Evangelicals”there are three congregations of them in the town”will boycott the participating stores. There is much evangelical opposition to Halloween these days… . Continue Reading »

Halloween Costume Recommendations

Person One: The U.S. Constitution , the text as a poster board visible but all torn and battered up, and some kind of Obama-branded SHREDDER as a prop. Person Two: The U.S. Economy —here all that’s needed is lots of fake bruises, bleeding, chains, crumpled bills, slow-sickly movements, . . . . Continue Reading »


In the spirit of “me too! me too!” and “oh, can I play?” I’d like to throw in my own two cents and tag along with Jared and Joe on this whole Halloween thing.  Here’s a re-post of something I had on my Jollyblogger blog way back in October of 2005, with a few . . . . Continue Reading »

I&C Shopper’s News

Start your week off right with some headlines and other items (not all tongue-in-cheek) from around the internet: Canonization Images at Catholic Eye CandyAdvent Preview: Watchman, Tell Us, What the Heck Is That Blue-and-Yellow Explosion Meant to Be? Unitarian Universalists Embrace Moral . . . . Continue Reading »

On Costumes

In the combox for my last post, I mentioned that my children have begun planning not so much their Halloween costumes as their saint-characters for the All Saints bash at church. That is to say, the girls have it all worked out. The teenager spent much of yesterday afternoon paging through Rosa . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Your Dad’s Laffy Taffy

Tour this selection of religiously-themed Halloween candy at And I’d be curious to find out: 1. Do you celebrate Halloween at all? Why or why not? 2. If you don’t, do you just ignore it, or do you do something alternative instead? In the interest of transparency, we do do . . . . Continue Reading »

O, Come, Angel Band . . .

Those wings . . . I dunno . . .In my house things like that make the vacuum cleaner retch and the dog run away.Besides, I’m a cheapskate, and on those occasions when somebody has to be a fairy, or a dragon, or Saint Michael, I generally make our own wings.My formula is simple.wire . . . . Continue Reading »

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