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Glad They Cleared That Up

Below, I complained that a) The White House, and b) the media have failed to make even minimal efforts to explain to U.S. citizens what our war-making policy now is in Libya, given Qaddafi’s fall. But now, c) NATO, has comprehensively explained everything. . . . . Continue Reading »

Another Day, More Bombs Away

WHY are we/NATO still conducting bombing raids in Libya? Did we not successfully exercise our Right to Protect? And even help the Libyans achieve our real (but unofficial and thus never strategically sought) goal, the removal of Gaddafi from power? As one who called for doing something to help the . . . . Continue Reading »

R2P = Bush Doctrine w/o the Goal of Democracy?

That’s what Kate the Great, aka, Kate Pitrone, Ashland grad, community college teacher, mother, and longtime high-quality No Left Turns commenter says in a comment to this Powerline post. What is R2P? How does it differ or not from the stated (or defacto) Bush Doctrine? Pomocons might also be . . . . Continue Reading »

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