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Not A Smarter Fox News, A Right-Leaning NBC

Over on twitter, Reihan Salam and Patrick Brennan were discussing a Matthew Yglesias post on the Koch brothers’ attempt to buy the Tribune line of newspapers. Yglesias is for it since he thinks that the Koch brothers buying the Tribune papers and turning them into conservative news outlets . . . . Continue Reading »

The Gosnell Murders And Shame

It seems like this is the day when a critical mass of journalists at “mainstream” (liberal-leaning but not explicitly partisan liberal outlets) have decided that their credibility is now on the line and they have to more aggressively cover the Gosnell murders. They were finally shamed . . . . Continue Reading »

Matt Lewis Is On To Something

Matt Lewis writes over at the Daily Caller:  Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and conservative new media outlets are powerful, to be sure — but can they compete with the evening news, the New York Times, and Hollywood, etc.? I don’t think that is quite the right way to think of it. Fox . . . . Continue Reading »

The Media, Social Networks, And Civility

Rich Lowry notes that the video recorded assault on Steve Crowder by pro-union demonstrators does not seem to have gotten much reaction in the mainstream media news sections. Compare the lack of mainstream media interest in this story with the many media insinuations that the Arizona shooter was or . . . . Continue Reading »

Sex and the Single Girls

” So today’s would-be Lysistratas need to develop ways of stigmatizing young women who too readily say yes to sex, just as unions do to scabs and strikebreakers. What a feminist triumph that would be .”  says James Taranto, discussing hook-up culture and the arguments about . . . . Continue Reading »

Turnout and Principles

In a way, this piece,  The GOP Turnout Myth, by Kimberley Strassell in the Wall Street Journal is very good to read.  It makes me happy.  I had heard and had been saying that conservatives stayed home and felt terrible about that.  They didn’t care?  How awful is . . . . Continue Reading »

A Partial Typology Of Political Media

1. Culturally Biased News - The people who produce CBN are mostly trying to be fair most of the time. They aren’t trying to help either Team Red or Team Blue. They understand that “both sides” have to be presented within an intellectually honest context. They want their audience . . . . Continue Reading »

The Media Ecosystem And Younger Americans

Jonathan Chait has a terrific piece on how the entertainment media shapes political opinion especially among then young. Anybody interested in the long-term trajectory of politics should read it. Conservatives should especially read it. It helps explain why youth unemployment and underemployment is . . . . Continue Reading »

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