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Apology to Starlings

Starlings may mean more than we supposed,Their ugliness but a guiseHiding beauties too deep to probe.Look how they adorn the barren oak,Mimicking so many black and restless leaves,Remnants, making what to them is musicAgainst a sky whose blue is nearly white,This winter day as still as God’s own . . . . Continue Reading »

The Grand Canyon

From the eastern rim Jorgé throws a rockinto the deep and we hear nothing in return.An American lady says as she walks awaythat it’s a nice place to visit and her voicetrails off. And “breathtaking” sayssomeone else we’ll never get to . . . . Continue Reading »

La Belle Tontina

For Nicola I send fond wishes to a horse named TontoAnd you, sweet Nicola, who once was wont toCross a busy London thoroughfareTo ride about the Common on this mare.But there’s another matter that’s still pending,And that’s her boyish name you keep defending. A change to something like La . . . . Continue Reading »


This slender stem—the wax-imprisonedsoulof candle’s being—Ignited,starts theslowdescenttoward death;Convertingits encasing fleshto molten dropsthat hanglike tears upon a cheek,the painful priceofmaking lifemoreluminous.Until—substance spent,cylindrical shell dissolved—it . . . . Continue Reading »


Too late for the tour and the history lesson, too late in the season on this southern plantation,and the ancient, front-line cedar soldiersbacked up by a strong regiment of holliesare not telling what they know. . . . . Continue Reading »

Eden Park

this is not the woodsand wildlife is not two chipmunks scampering across the sidewalk the trees stand here in landscaped disorder shrugging leaves with seasoned . . . . Continue Reading »

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