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A Culture of Choice?

Rod Dreher calls attention to an essay by Michael Brendan Dougherty , who asks pointed questions about the failure of the thirty-six year old pro-life movement to make any significant gains against a regime of unrestricted abortion. Dougherty’s essay strikes a long and resonant chord with me: . . . . Continue Reading »

Rational Control

We learned last night that Timothy Geithner was confirmed as the Obama administration’s Secretary of the Treasury.  While this outcome was never in real doubt, the revelation that he had failed to report upwards of $26,000 in self-employment taxes when he was an overseas employee of the . . . . Continue Reading »

Heating Up

This one will stir up a hornet’s nest . . . .  The words “global warming” may have achieved Pavlovian status.  Like the ringing of the bell that accompanied the Alpo fed to Pavlov’s dogs, the words foster an immediate and instinctive response by adherents of our . . . . Continue Reading »

Say Hello to the New Boss

A short time ago Barack Obama became the nation’s chief executive and the leader of the Free World.  His inauguration as 44th President was historic and nation-altering:  what was at one time an inconceivable dream - an African-American President - is now a daily fact.  Flying . . . . Continue Reading »

Why Nigeria Matters

More than ten thousand Nigerians have lost their lives in communal unrest since 1999. One incident in Kaduna State alone claimed more than two thousand lives. And in the 2006 riots that erupted across the world over the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, Nigeria had more of its citizens . . . . Continue Reading »

What Is Anglicanism?

Few would deny that the Anglican Communion is in crisis. The nature of that crisis, however, remains a question. Is it about sexuality? Is it a crisis of authority who has it and who doesn’t? Have Anglicans lost their commitment to the via media , epitomized by the Elizabethan Settlement, which . . . . Continue Reading »

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