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Is Jesus a Democrat or a Republican?

It’s stupid to even entertain the question. But every time I see it posed, it isn’t for getting people to focus on issues instead of remaining blind devotees to political parties. Intentional or not, it often serves as a way to distract people from important issues that do deserve our . . . . Continue Reading »

Bransonesque Splendor

So I was reading John Mark Reynolds’ live-blog of Sarah Palin’s new memoir, and I’m sure he’s right about the whole thing. The only conservative writers I can stand for more than 900 words once a week in a column are William F. Buckley and P.J. O’Rourke — and . . . . Continue Reading »

An Apologetic’s Apologetic

The question was raised by Jared regarding the significance of Leftist concerns (to me and to this site) and our understanding of what it means to be “evangelical”.  If we accept that evangelical theology is the most orthodox, the closest to the teachings of the Word, then it . . . . Continue Reading »

Secularism and Polytheism?

A colleague offered me the following piece of correspondence from the Financial Times.  It is a letter written by Dr. Gautam Pingle, who serves as a dean with the College of India.  He writes:Sir,[unimportant first para deleted] Intolerance bred by the monotheism of the People of the Book . . . . Continue Reading »

I Respectfully Decline

So Joe posted a link to the new Manhattan Declaration which came out late last week, and in the comments it came out that I agree with the morals of the document but think this documents and others like it obscure the Gospel. Collin, my co-blogger here at Evangel, didn’t see what I meant . . . . Continue Reading »

Dear Sarah Palin

If you come to Columbus, OH, in the near future, I would enjoy interviewing you.  Perhaps coffee or tea @ the local Panera?There is something about blogging, something lacking.  We’re out here, just writing, alone and with little reward.  Many of us are neither reporters nor any . . . . Continue Reading »

As a Romney Guy. . .

As I look toward 2012, I realize that as a Romney guy I often feel like the kind of person who would have a party for Windows 7 . . . my candidate is  very attractive, but safe as an Osmond.But then I realized that if I become an Obama guy, I would be one of those people who buy Apple . . . . Continue Reading »

Questions about Rand

Perhaps the weirdest thing on the right is tolerance for the bloviating novelist Ayn Rand. The philosophical problem with Ayn Rand is not so much her views, but that she does not argue for them. She asserts them, but when counterarguments are made there is no response. Her philosophy, such as it is, . . . . Continue Reading »

If only Obama had been Pope. . .

When I think about the story of man, I often shed a tear for the missed opportunities of history. What if the White Star Line had put in enough lifeboats? What if the driver for Archduke Franz Ferdinand had been more competent?Missed chances . . .and history went sadly wrong. What if, imagine it if . . . . Continue Reading »

What’s Holy?

This is Holy.Jen Zila says this over there: will love until it feels uncomfortable, and when i start to get comfortable with that, i’ll give until it gets uncomfortable again. because, a $25 check isn’t much of a stretch in our household it doesn’t really ‘cost’ us. but . . . . Continue Reading »

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