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Puritanism Then and Now

When Greta Thunberg, the teenage Green activist, crossed the Atlantic last summer to address the United Nations, one could hear echoes of the pilgrim voyagers of the seventeenth century. Thunberg’s speech to the General Assembly, including the tears shed both by the speaker and by the devoted . . . . Continue Reading »

Cauldron of Resentment

The Witches: Salem, 1692by stacy schifflittle, brown and company, 496 pages, $32Of all the catchphrases Americans employ in times of political crisis, “witch hunt” is perhaps the most unsettling. It casts opponents as evil, not merely wrong. Richard Hofstadter famously labeled this tendency in . . . . Continue Reading »

Thanking the Puritans on Thanksgiving

There’s little less fashionable today than praising the Puritans, especially for their egalitarian political idealism, their promotion of genuinely humane and liberating learning, and their capacity for enjoyment and human happiness. Praising the Puritans is especially difficult for us because . . . . Continue Reading »

Founding Fathers?

John Winthrop: America's Forgotten Francis J. Bremer.Oxford University Press. 478 pp. $39.95. William Bradford's Books: Of Plimmoth Plantation and the Printed Douglas AndersonJohn Hopkins University Press. 280 pp. $45. John Winthrop was forty-two years old when in 1630 he joined . . . . Continue Reading »

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