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The Feast of Saint Therese

I didn’t know it until I started googling around this morning, but right now the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux are touring the United Kingdom. Today she’s at York Minster; more about the itinerary here.Swine flu fears aside, if you’re in the neighborhood, go and say a prayer . . . . Continue Reading »

A Saturday Miscellany: UPDATED

In Search Of: 1. Some news that isn’t about Michael Jackson. I’m grateful, though, to The Anchoress for explaining the difference between an icon and an idol; I was going to write about the difference between an icon and a curiosity, with reference to Michael Jackson, but now I kind of . . . . Continue Reading »

More Prayerful Etymology

A friend studying Old English, having read my brief disquisition on prayer and the word bead, elaborates on my amateur’s etymology lesson: Gebed is still in use in modern Dutch as “prayer,” though they hack it out a lot more than the OE, which sounds like yebed. Those Dutch . . . . Continue Reading »

Etymology and the Rosary

Over dinner last night my German-speaking husband let drop that our English word bead derives from the German beten, which means to pray. Not one to receive a piece of information lying down — if I had written my own marriage vows, my responses would all have been, “Oh, yeah?” . . . . Continue Reading »

Now THESE Are Rosaries

Alan Creech makes these beautiful, Franciscan-inspired, single-decade rosaries using natural materials with satisfying textures.If, like me, you not only have a San Damiano crucifix on your front door and a relic of Saint Francis in your living room, but are also a tactile person whose attention at . . . . Continue Reading »

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