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I think we’ve found a kindred spirit in Bad Vestments.I mean, so to speak. I don’t know who this tree-wearing lady might be. Keep up the good bad work. . . . . Continue Reading »

Not the Prom

And today we have a very special treat from Judi and the Seventh Congregational Dancers: an interpretation-in-movement of our scripture lesson, taken from 1 Kings 14. Starring Raymond as Rehoboam (with Raymond, Jr., as Abijam his son) — Darren as Shishak, King of Egypt —Judi as . . . . Continue Reading »

Curiosities for the Ordinand

They asked you, “Why do you want to be ordained?” You told them, “I just want to help people.”Mr. Nice Tolerant Guy, this is your stole.Just like you, it makes a statement. It says, “I believe in . . . stuff.” Star of David? Star and Crescent? Yin-yang? Bring it . . . . Continue Reading »

Oh, Mr. Rochester —

Has any woman ever sought holy orders purely on the grounds of having read and loved Jane Eyre?Clergy CoutureWhat do you call this kind of thing, anyway? My husband suggests the term frossock. [Rating: . . . . Continue Reading »

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